• Societal positioning

The environment has been a major concern for CIMV since the company started. From the beginning, the project’s sponsors have been committed to reconcile Innovation, Ecology and Industry; and they have invented an atypical business development model, integrated into its environment.


Environmental respect :

  • An alternative to fossil-based products.
  • Raw material resources relying in agricultural coproducts.
  • A decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Reasoned water consumption.
  • A respect for crops growing cycles.
  • Preservation of soil fertility.
  • Biomass procurement close to production units.


Societal approach :

  • A stakeholder in regional development.
  • A factor to boost the local economy: creating and preserving employment and additional income for farmers.
  • A perfect synergy with the food sector and the farming industry.
  • An industrial site that is not classified Seveso.


Safety policy :

In terms of safety, CIMV introduced a comprehensive safety policy at all levels of the company, even in the choice of its machinery. This safety policy involves everyone in the company and is based on four main principles: Prevention, Training, Responsibility and Exemplarity.