The CIMV cellulose allows to obtain a wide range of products.


Cellulose treated by the CIMV process can be transformed into paper pulp with very close properties, if not identical, to the one made from hardwoods, being then able to replace it.


Cellulose can also be hydrolysed into glucose which will be used for the industrial production of biomolecules and second generation biofuels without incidence on the food sector.


The advantages of CIMV’s cellulose pulp:

  • A pulp with recognized commercial quality.
  • A product that the industry can use directly.
  • A product that replaces frequently imported products in a local production context.
  • It adds to the certified forestry offer (FSC).


The advantages of CIMV’s glucose:

  • A high quality glucose of non-food origin.
  • A product that can be used directly in white biotechnologies.
  • A product to replace fossil-based ones.


CIMV’s cellulose pulp commercial applications:

  • Printing/writing, coated and publishing paper.
  • Household or food and drug wrapping paper.


CIMV’s glucose commercial applications:

  • White biotechnologies and green chemistry.
  • Biofuels.