A lignin is a biopolymer that is complex to extract and hence use. CIMV is currently the only technology to market a pure, non deteriorated lignin under the BioligninTM trademark.

The chemical structure was formally established for the first time by mass spectrometry and high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance. These are linear oligomers with low molecular weight, behaving exactly like homologue oligomers and phenolic polymers obtained from petrochemistry.

BioligninTM requires few processing stages and also serves as a raw material for manufacturing many products currently made from refining and oil processing.

The advantages of CIMV BioligninTM :

  • Direct substitute for phenol in most of its industrial applications (REACH Directive).
  • Massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions: direct substitute for petroleum-based products.
  • Product that industry can use directly.
  • Perfectly defined base product.

CIMV BioligninTM commercial applications :

  • Glues: fibreboards, laminates and plywoods.
  • Green plastics industry: polyurethanes, polyesters, phenolic resins, epoxy resins.