The CIMV lignocellulosic biorefinery

Taking advantage of its own technology, CIMV is closely working with a market leader on the engineering of its first lignocellulosic biorefinery model.

This future industrial unit will be built in a specific location, close to biomass resources and will work in close collaboration with local feedstocks suppliers.

The implementation of such a unit will lead to local jobs creation and secure additional revenues for local resources handlers.

From lignocellulosic biomass, the industrial unit will produce:

  • Cellulose pulp for paper making, 2G ethanol or 2G bioethanol or more globally chemical intermediates.
  • Biolignin™ for the green chemistry (wood panels adhesives, etc.).
  • C5 sugars syrup, used as tanning agents for animal feed or as chemical intermediate for tomorrow’s chemistry.
  • Silica, used as reinforcing agent in the rubber industry or plastics